There is an athlete inside all of us that longs to be unleashed.

We’ve all imagined ourselves as the star of our favorite team, competing for that championship ring. In our minds, every bike ride becomes the Tour de France. Every crosswalk is a 100-meter dash. Every sock tossed in a laundry basket is a three-pointer at the buzzer. Even a chore as mundane as mopping the kitchen floor can become a gold-medal curling match when we let our imaginations run wild.

As it turns out, our daydreams of athletic glory are closer to reality than we may have realized.

“If you sweat, you are an athlete.”
Dr. Dana Ryan, Ph.D., M.A.
Director, Sports Performance and Education
Herbalife Nutrition

According to Dr. Dana, any activity that raises your heart rate and causes you to sweat should be considered athletic. This can include shooting hoops in the driveway, enjoying a brisk walk, or even mowing the lawn. It’s important to provide your body with the additional nutrients it needs during this type of activity.

“Sports Nutrition is based on the principles of healthy eating,” Dr. Dana explains. “The more you push and stress your body, the more additional nutrients your body needs.”

Here’s what happens to our bodies when we exercise:
     -   Carbohydrate stores get depleted
     -   You can experience dehydration
     -   Muscle fibers are broken down

 “This is going to happen with anyone that is exercising, regardless of their ability level,” says Dr. Dana. “So for anyone working out, you need to make sure you have adequate carbohydrates for fuel, fluids for hydration, and protein for recovery.”

There’s a common misconception that Sports Nutrition products, such as the Herbalife24® line, are meant for elite-level athletes like Cristiano Ronaldo, Heather Jackson, and Jonathan dos Santos. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Herbalife24® products are specifically designed to provide the carbohydrates, protein, and hydration that athletes of all levels need in order to live a healthy active lifestyle. Remember, you don’t need to join a team, put on a uniform, or hit the gym to be an athlete.

So next time you’re heading out to rake leaves or waiting for the walk signal at the intersection, don’t ignore the roar of the crowd that’s building in your head. Fuel up with the proper Sports Nutrition, and unleash that inner athlete.